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Friday, January 29, 2010

Khmer Delight in Singapore

Finally there is KHMER RESTAURANT in Singapore. The Khmer Delight is located at #922, East Coast Road. It's not that hard to find. We can take bus number 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16. Just stop at Crescendo Bldg Bus station. The food are OK, the restaurant is small not that different from other local restaurant.
Today me, Senny and Vanessa just went there to try the food. It's 1st time to eat khmer food at khmer restaurant. We have talked with the owner of restaurant. She is Cambodian who have lived in Singapore such a long time and her husband is Singapore. He used to live in Cambodia almost 10 years.
Khmer Delight is only 1 khmer restaurant in Singapore that I have found. It's good news for any khmer over here. Come on guys just come and have a try or even tell ur friends.

Contact information
#922 East Coast Road
Singapore 459114
Tel: +65 64491529
E-mail: Enquiry @Khmerdelight.com
Operating Hours:
Tue-Thu: 11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri-Sun: 11.30am - 10.30pm

Infront of Khmer Delight.

Senny, Vanessa and the owner of Khmer Delight Mrs and Mr Tay.

Interior of Khmer Delight

Banana Blossom salad

Amok Trey (Steam Curry Fish)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Unique Way to Recover a Lost Camera

Lost Camera.jpg
A Psychologist named Richard Wiseman conducted an experiment last year regarding lost wallets. He and his team surreptitiously dropped over two hundred wallets in the streets of Scotland over a month long period. The wallets were divided into a few different groups, each having a different type of picture or identification card in it. The idea was to see whether the contents of the wallet had an effect on whether it was returned or not.

While having a card indicating a charitable donation didn't seem to help, and pictures of grandparents didn't make much of a difference, Wiseman found that babies were the key. Of the forty wallets that were dropped with a baby picture inside, thirty five were returned. That's almost double the next highest result.
You can use the same logic with your digital camera. When you pop in a new card, just make sure that the first picture or two are of a baby, and you'll stand a better chance at tugging at the heartstrings of whoever finds your lost camera.
Australian blogger Andrew McDonald has a similar approach, but with a key difference. He leaves a note in a sort of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" style. The first several pictures on his camera are of himself holding a white board with a humorous note written in each picture.
At the very least, make sure people who find your camera have a way to get a hold of you. Leaving your contact information in the camera card is a smart and easy way to do it.

Source from http://www.steves-digicams.com/news/a_unique_way_to_recover_a_lost_camera.html

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gals and the city

It was so tired that day. I exspected to get 5 models but Lavender was absent due to her busy schedule. We met up at Raffles City MRT station and walked to City Hall. The models are Samantha, Vanessa, Fiona and Lolita. Fiona and Lolita are new face for my camera. I never take their photo before but anyway they are so good in posing even though abit hard in the beginning. Samantha also brought her boyfriend with us :D. That's sweet couple of the day.......hehehe. We started work from 4Pm untill 10pm.






Vanessa Wu


Samantha and Vanessa

Samantha and Vanessa



My 1st Bikini shot.

I was so exited for this shot. I have waited for long time to get a chance to fitful my Bikini photography. My friend Vannessa and Samantha are kind enough to let me take their photo in Singapore. Vanessa is Chinese and Samantha is Singaporean. I just want people to see Bikini photography is just an art work and I don't want people to give bad image to my models as well. I have and idea by taking their photo with balloons. It made my work look more artistic and interesting. Let enjoy my photography below.

Model at Angkor Area

During my last holiday in Cambodia, January 2010. There were 2 friends from Singapore followed me to visit our land. Vanessa Wu is Chinese and Samantha Xie is Singaporean. We got plan to have photo shooting in Cambodia. My girlfriend, Chanthy was so helpful. My two friends had done make up by her. Thank you babe for helping us.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wonder Girls to sue for plagiarism: agent

13 March, 2009

The Cambodian version of “Nobody” is sparking a flurry of controversy. Cambodian female quartet RHM sang a Khmer version of Wonder Girls’ hit “Nobody” without JYP Entertainment’s permission. Dressed in the same outfits as the Korean girl group and dancing to the same choreography, RHM’s performance of “Nobdy” was posted on the online UCC site, YouTube, recording more than 500 thousand hits.

Wonder Girls’ spokesperson at JYP Entertainment said that the video is definitely illegal, although Wonder Girls and their agency understand that the posting reflects the group’s huge popularity overseas. It’s reportedly not that uncommon in Southeast Asia to find foreign hits sung in their respective languages. Other pirated versions were discovered in China and Thailand. JYP Entertainment is seeking legal actions together with Sony ATV overseeing the overseas copyrights of “Nobody.”

Until now Korean musicians have been powerless to stop illegal remakes or adaptations in foreign countries. One music industry insider says that a few years ago an Italian singer copied Lee Jung-hyun’s “Wa” in its entirety. Copyright violation has been rampant in Asia, but, starting with Wonder Girls’ “Nobody,” copyright holders are going to fight back and protect their intellectual properties.

Credit:KBS World

AFP - Saturday, March 14

SEOUL (AFP) - - South Korea's top female pop group the Wonder Girls plan legal action against overseas entertainment firms for plagiarism, the group's agent said Friday.

Entertainers in China, Thailand and Cambodia had been "recklessly copying" the Wonder Girls' songs, dances and even costumes, JYP Entertainment said.

"We plan to take action against overseas singers and music groups who have been recklessly copying their songs such as 'Nobody' and 'So Hot' without permission," a JYP Entertainment spokeswoman told AFP.

Rampant piracy and plagiarism in the region had inflicted financial damage on foreign companies which had bought rights to use the songs, she said.

"We will consult with Sony ATV, our overseas copyright manager, on concrete measures including lawsuits," she said.

Korean pop singers often fall victim to plagiarism in the region amid the surging popularity in recent years of Korean pop culture, a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave.










Thursday, February 19, 2009